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Due to continued growth, Landscape Garden Centers has immediate openings in our Property Maintenance Division. Seeking individuals specialize in the application of granular fertilizer and liquid herbicides for residential and commercial turf areas. We are also seeking individuals who can focus on other aspects of property maintenance including mowing, bed maintenance, and irrigation repair. These are year-round positions with 35 hours per week guaranteed through the winter months and 45-60 hours per week during the growing season.


Please tell us which position(s) you're interested in.


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White Fir

Norwegian Sunset Maple

Pacific Sunset Maple

Amur Maple

Amur Maple (multi-stem)

Flame Amur Maple

State Street Miyabe Maple

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Columnar Norway Maple

Deborah Norway Maple

Emerald Lustre Norway Maple

Emerald Queen Norway Maple

Princeton Gold Maple

Royal Red Norway Maple

Superform Norway Maple

Sycamore Maple

Autumn Radiance Red Maple

Bowhall Red Maple

Burgundy Belle Red Maple

Silver Maple

Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple

Bonfire Sugar Maple

Legacy Sugar Maple

Autumn Fantasy Maple

Matador™ Maple

Celebration Maple

Firefall Maple

Autumn Blaze Maple

Marmo Maple

Scarlet Sentinel Maple

Sienna Glen Maple

Ohio Buckeye

Common Alder

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Crimson Frost Birch

Royal Frost Birch

River Birch

Dakota Pinnacle Japanese White Birch

American Hornbeam

Northern Catalpa

Common Hackberry

Northern Strain Redbud


Pagoda Dogwood

Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Turkish Hazelnut

Russian Hawthorn

Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn

Russian Olive

Burning Bush (tree form)

Autumn Blaze White Ash

Windy City White Ash

Fallgold Black Ash

Marshall's Seedless Green Ash

Prairie Spire Green Ash

Summit Green Ash

Autumn Gold Ginkgo

Northern Acclaim Honeylocust

Imperial Honeylocust

Prairie Silk Honeylocust

Shademaster Honeylocust

Skyline Honeylocust

Sunburst Honeylocust

Kentucky Coffeetree

Espresso Kentucky Coffeetree

Tree Form Pee Gee Hydrangea

Pink Diamond Hydrangea (tree form)

Worplesdon Sweet Gum


Yellow Variegated Tuliptree

Amur Maackia

Butterflies Magnolia

Merrill Magnolia

Adams Flowering Crab

Brandywine Flowering Crab

Cortland Apple

Fireside Apple

Haralson Apple

Harvest Gold Flowering Crab

Honeycrisp Apple

Liberty Apple

Louisa Flowering Crab

Macintosh Apple

Morning Princess Flowering Crab

Prairie Magic Apple

Prairifire Flowering Crab

Profusion Flowering Crab

Purple Prince Flowering Crab

Red Baron Flowering Crab

Royal Raindrops Flowering Crab

Spring Snow Flowering Crab

State Fair Apple

Thunderchild Flowering Crab

Velvet Pillar Flowering Crab

Zestar Apple

Hop Hornbeam

His Majesty Cork Tree

Norway Spruce

Weeping Norway Spruce

Black Hills Spruce

Weeping White Spruce

Weeping Serbian Spruce

Bruns Weeping Spruce

Colorado Spruce

Fat Albert Blue Spruce

Globe Blue Spruce (tree form)

Hoopsii Blue Spruce

Bristlecone Pine

Mugo Pine

Austrian Pine

Arnold Sentinel Austrian Pine

Oregon Green Austrian Pine

Blue Japanese Pine

Yellow Pine

Scotch Pine

French Blue Scotch Pine

London Planetree

Robusta Poplar

Siouxland Poplar

Columnar Swedish Aspen

Trembling Aspen

Nor'easter Poplar

Evans Cherry

Mount Royal Plum

Northstar Cherry

Superior Plum

Newport Plum

Scout Apricot

Princess Kay Plum


Reliance Peach

Canada Red Chokecherry

Parker Pear

Summercrisp Pear

Luscious Pear

Korean Sun Pear

White Oak

Swamp White Oak

Scarlet Oak

Northern Pin Oak

Bur Oak

English Oak

Red Oak

Heritage English Oak

Prairie Cascade Weeping Willow

Golden Weeping Willow

Laurel Leaf Willow

Cardinal Royal Mountain Ash

Dwarf Korean Lilac (tree form)

Japanese Tree Lilac

Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac

Brandon Arborvitae

American Linden

Redmond Linden

Greenspire Linden

Cathedral Elm

Homestead Elm

Accolade Elm

Triumph Elm

Vanguard Elm

Danada Charm Elm

New Horizon Elm

Regal Elm


Bottlebrush Buckeye

Regent Saskatoon

Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry

Black Chokeberry

Golden Carousel Japanese Barberry

Emerald Carousel Barberry

Bonanza Gold Japanese Barberry

Concorde Japanese Barberry

Crimson Pygmy Japanese Barberry

Golden Nugget Japanese Barberry

Helmond Pillar Japanese Barberry

Rose Glow Japanese Barberry

Sunjoy Gold Pillar Japanese Barberry

Sunsation Japanese Barberry

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush

Royal Red Butterfly Bush

Bicolor Butterfly Bush

Green Mountain Boxwood

Green Velvet Boxwood

Walker Weeping Peashrub

Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince

King's Gold Falsecypress

Bud's Yellow Dogwood

Silver Variegated Dogwood

Ivory Halo Dogwood

Golden Shadow Pagoda Dogwood

Bailey Red-Twig Dogwood

Garden Glow Dogwood

Gray Dogwood

Huron Gray Dogwood

Muskingum Gray Dogwood

Cardinal Dogwood

Arctic Fire® Red Twig Dogwood

Flaviramea Dogwood

Isanti Dogwood

Harry Lauder's Walking Stick

Golden Spirit Smokebush

Royal Purple Smokebush

Cranberry Cotoneaster

Tom Thumb Cotoneaster

Rockspray Cotoneaster

Hedge Cotoneaster

Carol Mackie Daphne

Bush Honeysuckle

Butterfly Southern Bush Honeysuckle

Cool Splash® Bush Honeysuckle

Winged Burning Bush

Compact Winged Burning Bush

Fire Ball® Burning Bush

Meadowlark Forsythia

Citrus Swizzle Forsythia

Fiesta Forsythia

Creeping Wintergreen

Common Witchhazel

Bluebird Rose of Sharon

Red Heart Rose Of Sharon

Incrediball® Hydrangea

Annabelle Hydrangea

Invincibelle® Spirit Smooth Hydrangea

Endless Summer Hydrangea

Quick Fire® Hydrangea

Pinky Winky® Hydrangea

Kyushu Hydrangea

Limelight Hydrangea

Little Lamb Hydrangea

Compact Pee Gee Hydrangea

Pink Diamond Hydrangea

Vanilla Strawberry™ Hydrangea

Unique Hydrangea

Pee Wee Hydrangea

Ames St. John's Wort

Jim Dandy Winterberry

Southern Gentleman Winterberry

China Girl Meserve Holly

Hetz Blue Juniper (pom pom)

Hetz Columnar Juniper

Mint Julep Juniper (pom pom)

Sea Green Juniper

Blueberry Delight Juniper

Blue Chip Juniper

Prince of Wales Juniper

Arcadia Juniper

Blue Forest Juniper

Buffalo Juniper

Skandia Juniper

Blue Arrow Juniper

Medora Juniper

Skyrocket Juniper

Wichita Blue Juniper

Sea Of Gold Juniper

Dream Catcher® Beautybush

Munstead Lavender

Cheyenne Common Privet

Ann Magnolia

Jane Magnolia

Royal Star Magnolia

Red Jade Flowering Crab

Candymint Flowering Crab

Firebird Flowering Crab

Russian Cypress

Weeping Mulberry

Blizzard Mockorange

Buckley's Quill Mockorange

Diablo Ninebark

Summer Wine® Ninebark

Birds Nest Spruce

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Dwarf Serbian Spruce

Pimoko Spruce

Bacheri Blue Spruce

Globe Blue Spruce

Montgomery Blue Spruce

Taylor's Sunburst Lodgepole Pine

Columnar Mugo Pine

Tannenbaum Mugo Pine

Dwarf Mugo Pine

Brepo Dwarf Austrian Pine

Blue Angel Japanese White Pine

Weeping White Pine

Abbottswood Potentilla

Dakota Sunspot Potentilla

Goldfinger Potentilla

Mango Tango Potentilla

Mesabi Cherry

Double Pink Flowering Almond

Nanking Cherry

Flowering Plum

Purpleleaf Sandcherry

Cutleaf Glossy Buckthorn

Fine Line® Buckthorn

Northern Lights Azalea

P.J.M. Rhododendron

Compact P.J.M. Rhododendron

P.J.M. Elite Rhododendron

Gro-Low Fragrant Sumac

Smooth Sumac

Cutleaf Smooth Sumac

Tiger Eyes® Sumac

Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac

Pixwell Gooseberry

Alpine Currant

Consort Black Currant

Red Lake Red Currant

Twisted Baby® Black Locust

Polar Joy® Rose

Snowdrift Rose

Blue Girl Rose

Champlain Rose

Oso Easy® Fragrant Spreader Rose

Chicago Peace Rose

Chrysler Imperial Rose

Cuthbert Grant Rose

Double Delight Rose

Dream Come True Rose

First Prize Rose

Flower Carpet Pink Rose

Flower Carpet Red Rose

Flower Carpet Scarlet Rose

Grootendorst Supreme

Home Run Rose

Hope for Humanity Rose

Lena Rose

Livin' Easy Rose

White Meidiland® Rose

Memorial Day Rose

Mister Lincoln Rose

Morden Centennial Rose

Morden Fireglow Rose

Morden Sunrise Rose

Nearly Wild Rose

Ole Rose

Oregold Rose

Paint The Town Rose

Pink Meidiland Rose

Pink Knock Out® Rose

Knock Out® Rose

Sunny Knock Out® Rose

Pink Double Knock Out® Rose

Rainbow Sorbet Rose

Red Double Knock Out Rose

Red Meidiland Rose

Scarlet Meidiland Rose

Sonia Rose

Sven Rose

Winnipeg Parks Rose

Boyne Raspberry

Chester Thornless Blackberry

Heritage Raspberry

Jewel Black Raspberry

French Pussy Willow

Flamingo Willow

Creeping Arctic Willow

Golden American Elder

Black Lace® Elder

Sutherland Gold Elder

False Spirea

Sem False Spirea

Sundrop™ Spiraea

Japanese White Spirea

Birchleaf Spirea

Tor Spirea

Fritschiana Spirea

Flaming Mound Spirea

Golden Elf Spirea

Goldmound Spirea

Little Princess Spirea

Dakota Goldcharm Spirea

Neon Flash Spirea

Shirobana Spirea

Mellow Yellow Spirea

Triumphans Spirea

Goldflame Spirea

Magic Carpet Spirea

Renaissance Spirea

Cutleaf Stephanandra

Bloomerang® Lilac

Prince Charming Lilac

Sugar Plum Fairy Lilac

Tinkerbelle Lilac

Dwarf Korean Lilac

Miss Kim Lilac

Common Lilac

Beauty of Moscow Lilac

Charles Joly Lilac

Katherine Havemeyer Lilac

Ludwig Spaeth Lilac

Michel Buchner Lilac

Miss Ellen Willmott Lilac

Monge Lilac

President Grevy Lilac

Primrose Lilac

Sensation Lilac

Wonderblue Lilac

Yankee Doodle Lilac

Saugeana Lilac

Minuet Lilac

Miss Canada Lilac

Upright Japanese Yew

Dark Green Spreader Yew

Everlow Yew

Technito® Arborvitae

Threadleaf Arborvitae

Hetz Midget Arborvitae

Holmstrup Arborvitae

Emerald Green Arborvitae

Techny Arborvitae

Techny Globe Arborvitae

Chippewa Blueberry

Polaris Blueberry

St. Cloud Blueberry

Northland Blueberry

Emerald Triumph Viburnum


Blue Muffin® Viburnum

Red Feather Viburnum

Northern Burgundy Viburnum

Autumn Jazz Viburnum

Raspberry Tart Viburnum

Mohican Viburnum

Dwarf European Cranberry

Onondaga Viburnum

Highbush Cranberry

Bailey Compact Highbush Cranberry

Redwing Highbush Cranberry

Mohawk Viburnum

Ghost® Weigela

Dark Horse Weigela

Java Red Weigela

Minuet Weigela

Pink Delight Weigela

Pink Princess Weigela

Polka Weigela

Red Prince Weigela

Rumba Weigela

Tango Weigela

My Monet® Weigela

Adam's Needle

Golden Sword Adam's Needle


Moonshine Yarrow

Oertel's Rose Yarrow

Terra Cotta Yarrow

Paprika Yarrow

Red Velvet Yarrow

Summer Pastels Yarrow

Northern Maidenhair Fern

Variegated Bishop's Goutweed

Blue Fortune Anise Hyssop

Caitlin's Giant Bugleweed

Chocolate Chip Bugleweed

Chater's Double Pink Hollyhock

Chater's Double Red Hollyhock

Chater's Double Rose Pink Hollyhock

Chater's Double White Hollyhock

Chater's Double Yellow Hollyhock

Lady's Mantle

Prairie Pasque Flower

Biedermeier Blue Columbine

Biedermeier Pink Columbine

Biedermeier Red Columbine

Biedermeier Red And White Columbine

Biedermeier White Columbine

Origami Blue And White Columbine

Origami Red And White Columbine

Origami Yellow And White Columbine

Bloodstone Sea Thrift

Vesuvius Sea Thrift

Dwarf Goatsbeard

Woods Pink Aster

Purple Dome Aster

Visions In White Astilbe

Visions Astilbe

Deutschland Astilbe

Rheinland Astilbe

Bridal Veil Astilbe

Color Flash Astilbe

Fanal Astilbe

Great Masterwort

Ghost Fern

Lady in Red Fern

Burgundy Lace Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Fern

Solar Flare Prairieblues False Indigo

Heartleaf Bergenia

Siberian Bugloss

Jack Frost Bugloss

Blue Clips Bellflower

White Clips Bellflower

Mountain Bluet

Hot Lips Turtlehead

Dark Bronze Daisy Chrysanthemum

Red Daisy Chrysanthemum

Yellow Quill Chrysanthemum

Black Negligee Bugbane


Moonbeam Tickseed

Zagreb Tickseed

Astolat Larkspur

Summer Skies Larkspur

Frosty Fire Pinks

Spangled Star Pinks

Heart Attack Sweet William

Firewitch Pinks

Luxuriant Bleeding Heart

Gold Heart Bleeding Heart

Strawberry Foxglove

Big Sky Sundown Coneflower

Big Sky Twilight Coneflower

Kim's Knee High Coneflower

Pixie Meadowbrite Coneflower

Raspberry Tart Coneflower

Tiki Torch Coneflower

Green Eyes Coneflower

Magnus Coneflower

Merlot Coneflower

Pink Double Delight Coneflower

Ruby Star Coneflower

Gateway Joe Pye Weed

Little Joe Dwarf Joe Pye Weed

Lipstick Strawberry

Arizona Sun Blanket Flower

Burgundy Blanket Flower

Fanfare Blanket Flower

Goblin Blanket Flower

Oranges And Lemons Blanket Flower

Rozanne Cranesbill

Tiny Monster Cranesbill

Biokovo Cranesbill

Werner Arends Avens

Boris Avens

Common Baby's Breath

Summer Sun False Sunflower

Ivory Prince Hellebore

Chicago Apache Daylily

Happy Returns Daylily

Joan Senior Daylily

Little Business Daylily

Little Grapette Daylily

Pardon Me Daylily

Prairie Blue Eyes Daylily

Red Rum Daylily

Rosy Returns Daylily

Ruby Stella Daylily

Siloam Gumdrop Daylily

Stella D'Oro Daylily

Summer Wine Daylily

Swirling Waters Daylily

Black Beauty Coral Bells

Citronelle Coral Bells

Crimson Curls Coral Bells

Frosted Violet Coral Bells

Georgia Peach Coral Bells

Green Spice Coral Bells

Lime Rickey Coral Bells

Mahogany Coral Bells

Marmalade Coral Bells

Midnight Rose Coral Bells

Obsidian Coral Bells

Plum Pudding Coral Bells

Silver Scrolls Coral Bells

Southern Comfort Coral Bells

Palace Purple Coral Bells

Stoplight Foamy Bells

Cherry Berry Hosta

Francee Hosta

Frances Williams Hosta

Ginkgo Craig Hosta

Golden Tiara Hosta

Great Expectations Hosta

June Hosta

Krossa Regal Hosta

Minuteman Hosta

Night Before Christmas Hosta

Olive Bailey Langdon Hosta

Orange Marmalade Ball Hosta

Patriot Hosta

Revolution Hosta

Royal Standard Hosta

Stained Glass Hosta

Sum and Substance Hosta

Wide Brim Hosta

Golden Variegated Hosta

Elegans Hosta

Chameleon Plant

Cascade Spice Japanese Iris

Variegated Japanese Flag Iris

Caesar's Brother Siberian Iris

Ruffled Velvet Iris

Orchid Frost Spotted Dead Nettle

Pink Pewter Spotted Dead Nettle

White Nancy Spotted Dead Nettle

Alaska Shasta Daisy

Becky Shasta Daisy

Crazy Daisy Shasta Daisy

Snow Lady Shasta Daisy

Snowcap Shasta Daisy

Kobold Blazing Star

The Rocket Rayflower

Britt Marie Crawford Rayflower

Lily Turf

Popsicle Blue Lupine

Popsicle Red Lupine

Russell Blue Lupine

Russell Pink Lupine

Russell Red Lupine

Russell White Lupine

Gooseneck Loosestrife

Creeping Jenny

Golden Creeping Jenny

Alexander Loosestrife

Golden Alexander Loosestrife

Ostrich Fern

Jacob Cline Beebalm

Petite Delight Beebalm

Raspberry Wine Beebalm

Little Titch Catmint

Walker's Low Catmint

Evening Primrose

Green Sheen Japanese Spurge

Blaze Peony

Bowl Of Beauty Peony

Buckeye Belle Peony

Raspberry Sundae Peony

Sarah Bernhardt Peony

Fernleaf Peony

Dark Towers Beard Tongue

Rondo Mix Beard Tongue

Husker Red Beard Tongue

Little Spire Russian Sage

Russian Sage

Coral Creme Drop™ Garden Phlox

Cotton Candy™ Garden Phlox

Grape Lollipop™ Garden Phlox

Volcano Pink Garden Phlox

Candy Stripe Moss Phlox

Emerald Blue Moss Phlox

Red Wings Moss Phlox

Brise D'Anjou Jacob's Ladder

Raspberry Splash Lungwort

Goldsturm Coneflower

Irish Moss

East Friesland Sage

Marcus Sage

Caradonna Sage

May Night Sage

Max Frei Soapwort

Butterfly Blue Pincushion Flower

Pink Mist Pincushion Flower

Autumn Charm Stonecrop

Autumn Delight Stonecrop

Autumn Joy Stonecrop

Rosy Glow Stonecrop

Vera Jameson Stonecrop

Russian Stonecrop

Blue Spruce Stonecrop

Angelina Stonecrop

Autumn Fire Stonecrop

Dragon's Blood Stonecrop

Bronze Carpet Stonecrop

Fuldaglut Stonecrop

John Creech Stonecrop

Helene Von Stein Lamb's Ears

Wooly Thyme

Blue And Gold Spiderwort

Red Fox Speedwell

Royal Candles Speedwell

Burgundy Periwinkle

Bowles Periwinkle


Bellisima White English Daisy


Issai Hardy Kiwi

Arctic Beauty Kiwi

Dutchman's Pipe

Balboa Sunset Trumpetvine

Yellow Trumpetvine

Indian Summer Trumpetvine

Madame Galen Trumpetvine

American Bittersweet

Hercules And Diane Bittersweet

Duchess of Edinburgh Clematis

Ernest Markham Clematis

Hania Clematis

Kilian Donahue Clematis

Multi Blue Clematis

Rouge Cardinal Clematis

Pamela Jackman Alpine Clematis

Stolwijk Gold Addison's Clematis

Vase Vine Clematis

Jackmanii Superba Clematis

Dropmore Scarlet Trumpet Honeysuckle

Goldflame Honeysuckle


Virginia Creeper

Star Showers Virginia Creeper

Englemann Ivy

Boston Ivy

Green Showers Boston Ivy

Henry Kelsey Rose

John Cabot Rose

John Davis Rose

Concord Grape

Edelweiss Grape

Frontenac Grape

Kay Gray Grape

LaCrescent Grape

St. Croix Grape

Swenson Red Grape

Valiant Grape

Blue Moon Wisteria

Ornamental Grasses

Karl Foerster Reed Grass

Variegated Reed Grass

Blue Sedge

Northern Sea Oats

Elijah Blue Fescue

Sapphire Blue Oat Grass

Gracillimus Maiden Grass

Flame Grass

Silver Feather Maiden Grass

Porcupine Grass

Heavy Metal Blue Switch Grass

Northwind Switch Grass

Shenandoah Reed Switch Grass

Variegated Ribbon Grass

The Blues Bluestem